Thursday, 1 March 2012

Top 10 Egg Recipes for babies and children

As I was saying the other day, eggs are a natural source of vitamin D.  It's rare to get vitamin D in our diets, most of it comes from sunlight and, glorious wintery days like this aside, we don't get much of that at this time of year.  Eggs are also a fantastic source of protein, cheap (even free range ones if you can stretch to that) and incredibly versatile.  They can also act as an emulsifier (mayonnaise), glue (to coat in breadcrumbs) a means to hold air (pavlova) or as a structural agent (in cakes).

If you're anything like me, you may find that long after all the meat in your fridge has gone, there is a pack of eggs left.  They're a great standby staple and can make a meal.

So in praise of the humble egg, here are some of my favourite recipes where they are either the star or they form a vital functional role.

1.  Scrambled eggs.  The fast food staple.  Quick, easy.  Tart it up for adults by stirring in smoked salmon trimmings and a knob of butter.

2.  Omelette.  Just crack 2-3 eggs into a bowl, add a splash of water and mix.  Put a knob of butter into a non stick pan and pour in the eggs when it's warm.  Draw the edges as they cook to the middle and swirl it around to cook evenly, you want the heat medium hot.  For adults or older kids you can leave the centre soft but cook through for kids under 12 months.  Add any filling if desired (only use cooked or ready to eat fillings).  Turn out onto a plate, rolling as you go.

3.  Chinese fried rice like my egg fried rice or mushroom fried rice recipes.  The eggs are a bit hidden in here, good news if your kids not keen but it helps the rice become sticky and easy to scoop up for those new to spoon feeding themselves.

4.  Muffins.  It's very difficult to make a cake without sugar but it's even harder to make one without eggs.  My favourite savoury muffin recipe is probably my spinach and feta ones, my favourite sweet (no added sugar) recipe is my oaty ones, surprisingly light considering all those oats.

5.  Poached with bubble and squeak.  I now use an adaptation of Heston Blumenthal's recipe for poached eggs.  Use the freshest you can get, boil a kettle and pour into a saucepan on a low heat (no bubbling).  Heston uses a temperature probe, I don't bother, the water has just boiled so I know it's not far off 100oC.  It's important it's not bubbling though.  Crack your egg onto a plate and slide in.  Time for 4 mins exactly, take out and done!

6.  Tortilla aka spanish omelette.  My child friendly and easy to cook version.

7.  Quiche frittata.  Missing out the crust makes this recipe a doddle and more nutritionally interesting for babies or adults by taking away the refined carbohydrate and saturated fats.

8.  Pancakes.  I have three recipes on my blog, yoghurt pancakes, apple or banana and potato.  My son loves them all and his father is pretty partial too.

9.  Banana loaf.  Currently my most popular blog recipe!

10.  Chicken nuggets.  This is where egg gets used as a 'glue' to keep on the lovely crispy coating.

As is always the way, you think of more recipes after posting something like this.  My new broccoli nuggets recipe contains a decent amount of egg and is very tasty.


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