Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sausage Squishes for Babies and Toddlers

Hey you, kid who doesn't eat vegetables?  Yes, you!  You know who you are!

We all feel like that sometimes and I swear if you ask any Mum what an acceptable level of vegetables are and contrast it with your average child... I mean, I hate to generalise but "pork" is not a type of vegetable and "sausage" is not a food group!

I jest I jest.  I know not all kids are the same but we all need those recipes where you can squeeze in a bit of hidden vegetable goodness, just once in a while as an insurance policy.

These are kind of burgers, kind of patties or let's just face it "squishes".  Great finger food.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Spanish Chorizo with Haricot Beans for the whole family

This was inspired by a Spanish version of Cassoulet.  It's pretty rich but absolutely delicious as certified by my son loving it and eating all of his portion.

Ok, it's not the healthiest meal in the world but a dish full of haricot beans and garlic has some benefits.  Think small portions perhaps with salad or some fruit afterwards.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ninja bread men for kids (or Gingerbread men)

My mother is my inspiration in life in general.  Incredibly intelligent she didn’t have the breaks in life nor the education.  At the time giving a woman an education was seen as a waste of time and money.  How much we have moved on.  I was lucky enough to have all the opportunities she didn’t and she encouraged and supported me through everything in life, every bump, every triumph, every disaster and here I am with two degrees a Dr of Chemistry and she still is far my superior.

It’s funny how we learn how to love and be loved first from our parents.  My Mum shows people she loves them through food and I have inherited this from her.  This was the first ever recipe I made with my son and I remember making it with my Mum when I was little.  I also handily got some cool “Ninja” bread man cutters from an online shop which I loved and so did my son but he made some hearts for me too.

This does make a very traditional, crisp gingerbread man with a strong ginger flavour which is how I had them when I was little.  If you prefer them a little softer, take them out a little earlier or it might be an idea to substitute the flour for self raising (they will spread though).  If you like a milder flavour, cut down on the ginger a little.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Tuna 'meatballs' for babies, toddlers and grown ups

Fish can be a hard sell for a lot of kids.  Partly it's flavour, then there's the bones and the look of it.  I was lucky though and for some unknown reason as soon as I had the chance to try fish, I loved it and ate it as much as I could.  I remember peeling prawns at the age of about 6 or 7.  I only hope I encourage my son to do the same because people who say "I don't like fish" are missing out.

We all know nowadays how important Omega 3 oils are in our diets and fish is a great source, especially oily fish like tuna.  Unfortunately unlike some other fish, tinned tuna doesn't have much in the way of Omega 3 but fresh or frozen does.  The great thing is about tuna is it does taste so meaty so if you really do have a reluctant fish eater on your hands, this could be the dish for you!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sweetcorn Fritters for babies, toddlers and even grown ups!

11:55am, he normally has his lunch at some point between 11:30 and 12.  Panic!  What on earth do I cook?  Considering Grandpa had given him a pack of cheese and onion crisps for his snack (thanks Grandpa) I wanted healthy!

So this is what I came up with from the contents of my fridge and freezer.  Not only did it make a meal out of simple vegetables, (served with peas and broccoli we were racking up our 5 a day) but with a bit of extra sweet chilli sauce for Mummy on top, it officially rocked!

My 3 year old ate two and a half and Mummy had three but the last half of his got dropped on the floor and it led to a HUGE meltdown because he'd lost it.  The sure sign of a well received recipe!

The sweet chilli sauce obviously introduces a bit of sugar and spice so miss out if you prefer for very little ones but it does add some interest.  I reckon this would be a cracking recipe for baby led weaners.

Sweetcorn Fritters serves 1 adult and 1 toddler