Friday, 23 March 2012

Please vote for me!

What a good blogging day!  Not only have I just found out the queen of kids food Annabel Karmel has promoted one of my posts on twitter and is now following me (eek), I've also been shortlisted for the Brilliance in Blogging awards in the "Tasty" category!

Well, this is a big deal.  I've never had any real recognition for this blog and it wasn't all that long ago I almost gave it up.  Blimey.

So, if you like what you're reading, please give me a boost by voting for Mamacook in the Tasty category.  There are some very big blogs up for the same award so my chances aren't high but I'm trying to stay positive!

The shortlist is here (and there's a link to vote from that page) and if this works correctly, the link to vote is here.  While you're visiting, why not take the chance to read some other interesting parent blogs?

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  1. I stumbled across your blog while I was looking for some healthy (and practical) ideas for my baby son. It is fantastic! I get so many ideas from here and people often ask me for recipes now for their babies! I just wanted to thank you for making cooking for him so much fun - I love seeing his happy little face light up as he tries a new food I have made and I feel so good knowing that what I have given him is homemade and full of healthy ingredients. Thank you so much!


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