Saturday, 2 April 2011

No added sugar Oat Biscuits - attempt No 2

I've still not got there but I've been trying to come up with a recipe to make biscuits for my son which contain no added sugar; not actually sugar free as there will be natural sugars but getting there and of course there's no salt.

This is the best so far and unfortunately is kind of damned with faint praise in that regard because my attempts so far have not been good.  That said, my son seems to like them (strange boy) but I will continue my efforts and report back.  You can see how bad attempt 1 was that I didn't even post!

No added sugar Oat Biscuits


1oz Porridge oats
4oz Wholemeal flour
2oz Sultanas
2 tbsp Apple and raisin puree (I would imagine any fruit puree containing dried fruit would work here.  It needs to be sweet as there isn't any sugar in the recipe.)
2oz Unsalted butter


Use a food processor with a plastic blade and process all of the ingredients until a dough forms.  Take out and roll out using a rolling pin.  Cut out shapes then bake on baking paper for around 13-15 mins at 200 oC until starting to brown.  Cool.  Keeps in a tin for a few days.

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