Friday, 29 April 2011

Sorry about the lack of posts

Ah the danger of nurseries.  My son had a nursery trial a week ago on Tuesday and came down with a minor stomach bug afterwards around about on Thursday but it was mild and he was better by Sunday, probably because he's still breastfed.  I then caught it, getting steadily more ill from Monday onwards.  On Tuesday I was having such bad stomach cramps I was wondering if I'd got a cyst, then the hideous upset stomach started.  I will spare you the details.  Suffice it to say I've been a bit out of action and I feel awful.  It's now Friday and, hopefully I'm on the mend.

So cooking has been a bit thin on the ground but I thought I'd let you know the info behind having a stomach bug and breastfeeding as it's not fun, it's not great for your recovery but it's great for your baby.  There's a good resource on it on Kellymom.  As the link I've posted says, if your baby didn't give you the illness in the first place, there's no point stopping breastfeeding when you're ill to avoid exposing the baby to the illness because inevitably you will have already done so and the breastfeeding may help prevent your child getting ill or at least limit the illness.

The thing I do find frustrating is the conflicting information about what is and isn't safe to take in terms of medicine.  Far to many OTC remedies seem to cover their ***es by stating you should 'contact your GP' before using their medicine which is impractical, especially on bank holiday weekends (NHS direct in my experience are very reluctant to advise anything about babies or breastfeeding).  It's that kind of thing which makes breastfeeding a pain in the bottom (if you will forgive the term in the circumstances).  The only medication I've taken in the last two years has been paracetamol.  Think about that next time you're popping an ibuprofen, immodium, even a strepsil!

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