Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Some more fruit purees

As I've said before, I don't buy commercial flavoured yoghurts or fromage frais because of the added sugar in many of the recipes.  Here are some more flavours I've come up with recently with an overall "basic" recipe:

Fruit puree

Dried fruit (e.g. raisins, sultanas, chopped dried apricots) - optional but good if the fresh fruit is tart
Fresh "bulk" fruit (e.g. apples or pears peeled and chopped, plums)
Fresh or Frozen "flavouring" fruit (e.g. raspberries, blueberries, strawberries) - optional
Spices (e.g. cinnamon, mixed spice, vanilla extract) - optional


Boil the dried fruit in a minimal amount of water for a few minutes.  Add any other fruit and ground spices and boil until soft.  Puree with as little water as you can to get a good puree (you want it thick and some fruits will puree with no added water).  Serve cold with full fat greek yoghurt.  Freezes well in ice cube trays (silicone ones are best as they don't crack.)  Put into a freezer bag once frozen and label up.

Recent successes include:

Apple and cinnamon
Plum and sultana
Cherry (used frozen cherries) and raisin
Pear and blueberry
Apple, blueberry and strawberry
Apple, sultana and mixed spice
Apple and apricot
Pear and vanilla


  1. Thanks for getting the collection off to a start. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Cheers

    1. Sorry it's such a boring one. Not a mega fan of plums. My parents grew them when I was little and when they get really ripe they get attacked by wasps but will look fine on one side then you go to pick it and ARGH! I'm such a wimp!


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