Friday, 15 April 2011

No Added Sugar Jelly - 6 months plus

I'd seen jelly recipes in some baby books but despite the UK government recommendation, these all seemed to contain sugar and I wanted to make a sugar free jelly recipe without sweeteners.  I had a go at making some jelly from a juice which was already sweet.  Obviously bear in mind that natural sugars are still sugars and sweet foods should ideally be kept to mealtimes (to limit tooth damage) and not in large quantities.  Still, to my mind, foods containing no added sugar are surely going to be a better idea than sugary cakes and I'd also prefer at this age not to expose my baby to artificial sweeteners.

No Added Sugar Jellies - made 2 baby sized portions


Approx 220 mL Fruit Juice (I used "not from concentrate" grape juice; fresh or not from concentrate will have a better flavour)
2 leaves of gelatine (check the pack for how much you need, I've since been told gelatine leaves can vary in strength.  You want enough to set half a pint.)


Soak the geletine in water for 4-5 mins.  Microwave 100ml of the juice for about a minute or until boiling (I do this in a jug for ease).  Pick out the softened gelatine sheets and put into the hot juice.  Allow to dissolve for a minute or so then give a stir.  Then make up the juice to the 220ml mark. Stir and pour into moulds and refrigerate.  Will keep in the fridge I suspect for a couple of days (if the juice is ok for that time, the pack should give some indication of how long it's ok to keep once open.)

Use a 'sweeter' juice for this as there is no added sugar (orange or grapefruit are probably not a good plan).  Avoid using pineapple as apparently this won't allow the gelatine to set.

Update:  Used some not from concentrate apple juice for this and I have to admit both me and my baby loved it.  I've decided next time I make this, I'm making a Mummy sized portion too!

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