Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What's in your fridge?

Oh, just for a bit of fun, I was inspired by a post on Veggie Mama to take a photo of my fridge.

I'm not sure what my fridge says about me, apart from the fact it's fairly new and so not too dirty.   The level of veg is typical, I have no problem eating veg, I just eat too much of everything else too and a bit too much booze...

Dare you share yours?


  1. Replies
    1. I think there were two packs of vintage cheddar, a pack of mozzarella and a pack of feta. I'm worried the cheese police might visit. Hang on! It's national Stilton week! What am I doing???? WHERE'S THE STILTON?

  2. Love you site! I love no added sugar. Following. I'm at http://theeaseoffreeze.com.

  3. Nice post I did this once and had about 52 sausages and 12 pints of milk among other things in my fridge lol the joys of 4 kids...

    1. I have to admit a slight bit of cheating, I'd only been back at home for a couple of weeks after clearing my fridge out completely. Normally there's a lot more half eaten stuff (but just as much alcohol!)


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