Saturday, 16 February 2013

Low Sugar Trifle for Babies and Toddlers

This has been something in the ideas bank for a while.  I did originally want to make it no added sugar but it was a tricky task.  I also found by using traditional custard powder, the amount of sugar I was adding was pretty low and I'm not as strict as I used to be!

Trifle - Serves 2 with fairly big portions


100ml, 3.5 fl oz Red Grape Juice
1 Leaf of gelatine (or enough to set a quarter of a pint)
10 Raspberries
300ml, Half a pint of custard (I made mine using 1 tbsp Aunt Bessies custard powder, 2 tsp sugar and half a pint, 300ml of milk following pack instructions)
150 ml, 5 fl oz Double cream


Soak the gelatine in cold water for about 5 minutes.

Heat up half of the juice in a microwave until boiling.  In the meantime, wash the raspberries and dry them well on kitchen roll (I didn't and my jelly turned out a little soft).  Divide the raspberries between two glasses or small bowls if you prefer.

Dissolve the softened gelatine in to the hot juice then once fully dissolved, top up to 100ml.

Pour the jelly over the fruit and then put into the fridge for a couple of hours to set.

When the jelly is set, make the custard and pour over the top.  Leave for a good 4-5 hours to fully set as the hot custard may remelt the jelly a bit.

Whisk up the double cream and then put on top of the custard.  Serve!

My son liked this as you can see (he's in the background).  He described it as "all delicious"!  This is a great egg free pudding too because I used cheat's custard rather than proper custard.  Check the packaging but many custard mixes are both egg and gluten free because the thickening agent is cornflour.

Some day I will make proper custard.  Not today but some day.

This post was not sponsored in any way.  I've linked this up to Sticky Fingers Photo gallery this week "boys"


  1. Looks yummy :) thanks for sharing with us at Creative Mondays...

  2. OH yuummmm!! Its 9am and I want trifle!

  3. mmm that looks lush!

  4. Yum! Looks like he is enjoying it.

  5. Looks yummy :) featuring your post this week at Creative Mondays also pinned this post too :)

  6. I don't add sugar to custard. I realise this marks me out as a bit of a weirdo, but IMO it's perfectly yummy without the extra sweetness! (I have had no complaints from the kids either!)

    1. Well done you! I'm not sure I could totally get away with that.


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