Thursday, 10 February 2011

Teething and Salmon with Green Beans

Well the last few nights have been ok.  He's been grouchy and off his food in the day though but I guess you can't have everything.

It could be teething but then it feels like anything before 3 months is colic and after is teething doesn't it?  still his top two incisors are looking like they'll pop through any day.  Humorously his "second" set of incisors on the top came through first making him look like he has fangs!

Anyway, in an effort to get something nutritious inside him and to get him to eat, I had been sticking to old favourites (hence the lack of recipes recently) but I tried knocking up something different today to get him back on track.

Salmon with green beans

100g Salmon fillet
Full fat milk
Unsalted butter
Green beans (fresh or frozen)


Make a cheese sauce as for Cauliflower Cheese.  Microwave or bake the salmon (I use frozen salmon which is always too overcooked for me but fine for the little one.  I microwave for 3 and a half minutes.) Boil the green beans until cooked then puree the sauce and beans and flake the salmon for a soft lump texture (puree it all if your baby isn't into lumps yet).

Could vary this up by using other veg, e.g. peas, broccoli, spinach or other fish, e.g. cod, pollock.  You could also mix it with potato (for a kind of fish pie) or pasta.  Note though it's a good idea to give oily fish sometimes to your baby as it has Omega 3 in it (good for brain function).  Salmon is good for this but if you (or they) prefer white fish, it's better to use pollock which is not only less overfished than cod but also often sold cheaply as frozen "white fish" (look in the small print for pollock).  Also pollock has a small amount of Omega 3 whereas cod has pretty much none.

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