Sunday, 13 February 2011

Fish Pie for Everyone!

I alluded to a fish pie adaptation to a recipe the other day in a salmon recipe and it occurred to me I'd not written down my fish pie recipe.  Proportions are approximate, see what you think you or your baby will eat.  I always think that's a better idea anyway; imagine the portion on your plate or in their bowl.  

My son has been teething or possibly it's just his cold but he has been off his food a bit.  This went down a treat though.


Fish; could use pollock, cod, haddock, coley, salmon or a mixture.  (Note that pollock and coley tend to be more sustainable but pollock tastes nicer and also contains some Omega 3)
Whole milk


Smoked salmon trimmings (many supermarkets sell packs of these in their value ranges, they're pretty cheap and you only need a bit for some decent flavour.  Any left will freeze well.)
Cooked prawns
More cheddar


Peel and boil the potatoes until cooked, or if you've been cooking something in the oven that day or the day before, add a few extra potatoes into the oven to use for this dish.  Poach the fish in the milk.  You can use frozen fish (and should be aware that much fish counter fish has been previously frozen.  Also you can be more confident about the food safety and quality; fish tends to spoil quickly.)  Boil the broccoli until cooked.  Mash the potatoes, (a potato ricer makes it easy to make good mash) and mash the broccoli with a fork.  Flake the fish with your (scrupulously clean) fingers.  Make a sauce by mixing cornflour with water and add to the hot milk.  Add grated cheese (to taste).  Mix all the ingredients for a baby portion (over 7 months) or puree for 6 month olds.


For adults and I'm guessing I'll try this with my son when he's a toddler, rather than flaking the fish, put it in a dish in around 1-2 inch chunks, (with some smoked salmon trimmings and / or prawns if liked) add the sauce, with chives if liked and put potato on top, topped with additional cheese.  Bake in the oven for about 30 mins at 200 degrees.  Serve the broccoli and some other veg on the side.  Make sure the portion is cool enough for toddlers before serving to them, somehow it's that whole hot jam thing with fish pie, it seems to be hotter than the sun when first removed from the oven.

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