Thursday, 17 February 2011

Cold meal ideas... Potato Salad for Babies

I hate reheating food when I'm out.  Apart from service stations, I've never found anywhere which have the facilities you need, and I wouldn't chose to eat in a service station except where strictly necessary.

So it got me thinking; now my 9 month old is on mashed foods, is there something he'd eat when we're out and about that would work without reheating?  I don't mean giving him a cold beef stew.  My rules are if I wouldn't eat it, why should he?  (Ever since an ill judged foray into courgette puree anyway.)

This was the result.  I can't admit it was a total success but he certainly ate some and along with some cream cheese sandwiches I felt like he'd had enough.  This is where I envy baby led weaners; my son tends to drop 90% of what he's given.


New potatoes (2-3 small ones)
About 4 cm cucumber
1 dsp full fat mayonnaise from a jar (absolutely not home made, as if you'd have the time.  Home made is not safe for babies.)
1 dsp full fat greek yoghurt


Boil the potatoes until soft.  I did mine for 25 minutes to ensure they were very soft.  Cool in cold water. Cut up into 2-3mm cubes.  (I included the skin but found that some of it broke away into large pieces.  I removed any pieces like this in case of gagging.)  Chop the cucumber into similar size pieces.  Mix with mayonnaise and yoghurt.

Remember if you take this out to put it into a cool bag with some ice packs.  Even in a cool bag be wary on a very hot day and use your judgement.  You don't want to put your child at risk.

Now I thought this was absolutely delicious.  My little one ate some but it made me realise that I could feel confident enough to take out sandwiches, some chopped salad and a yoghurt for his lunch and he would probably manage to get enough in his mouth and I could sneak in a few spoonfuls.  In fact if anything because he found the salad a bit unusual, he probably ate the sandwiches better than he normally would.  

Lesson:  Be a little brave.

Second lesson:  Make enough potato salad for Mummy...

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