Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Slightly scared to post this... he slept pretty well...

After giving up on our sleep training, guess what he goes and does?  He goes to sleep at 7pm after the most rubbish feed ever and then wakes at 12:30pm, I hear him talking to himself in the cot and think "the crying will start soon" but no!  He puts himself back to sleep, wakes at 5:15am, has another natter to himself then wants a feed at 5:30am!  Blimey that's the closest he's ever gone to sleeping through the night.

So I didn't sleep much better (creeping to his room to listen to his breathing and checking he's ok at 4am!)  But these broken nights are good for cooking ideas.  My little man seems to be getting worse at accepting soft lumps not better.  He doesn't choke but he does gag and sometimes this leads to him being sick.  Now I know a bit of gagging is to be expected but when he was sick after some mashed kiwi yesterday it's made me nervous.

Still, I'm determined to continue so I'll let you know if I come up with any bright ideas...

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