Thursday, 24 February 2011


Half of the traffic here comes from one forum I'm a member of and I've been told I can no longer mention anything about this blog.  This will be the second forum I've been told not to post about it.  (When you're talking about hits in the millions vs. hits in the hundreds, it's a shame these forums feel threatened by my simple blog.)

I've had a think about it overnight and I have to be realistic.  If half of my audience (which isn't exactly big) disappears, is it really worth carrying on?  I suspect not.  

I am sad, after all this little blog only lasted two months but I hope you've enjoyed reading my recipes and hopefully using some of them.  

I have a dream to be a food writer and maybe someday that will happen.  Thank you for taking the time to read about me, my thoughts on life and my family and my recipes.


  1. That is really sad. I have tried out a few of your recipes and my LO has really enjoyed them.

    Thank you x


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