Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Urgh Mr Milkdodger is back

After one good night, my little man has decided to avoid his bedtime feed again, except he completely refused it this time when we were disturbed by the phone ringing.  I figure if he were really hungry he would have started feeding again so I think I'm going to try bringing his teatime forward a little to 4pm and cut back on an afternoon feed to see if that will work.  It's so frustrating and feels like some kind of personal rejection when he turns down a feed.  I know rationally it's not true but I'm not feeling rational right now.  Still, if he does make it to his normal night feeding time, we are definitely going to start trying to get him to sleep through as he will have managed 10 hours without a breastfeed.  When you consider that many babies of his age achieve 12 hours without every night it doesn't seem like a big ask but my little one has never been the best at going without food (which makes his behaviour all the more strange.)

Here's to a likely rough night...  wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck hun <3 Your doing so well!
    Just think of all that sleep you can catch up on when there a teen! lol :P


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