Friday, 14 January 2011

A Glimmer of Hope... Dashed

Promise I'll get back to some recipes soon but seeing as I survived on bran loaf alone the other day I'm not the best person to talk about anything but this nursing strike right now as it's all that's on my mind.

Well the strike is ongoing.  He latched on playfully which was odd for 2 minutes in the afternoon.  I was so happy, I very nearly posted here and on facebook saying "It's over!  He's ok!"  The peer supporter I'd left a message with called me back and I was almost trying to get her off the phone "Look!  We're fine!"

Well we're not fine.  He's seeming a little more himself this afternoon but it's so painful having something he loved last week rejected, having me rejected.  I know that's irrational but it's how it feels.

So he rejected feeding again at bedtime but then took around 3-4 ounces from a cup.  I just hope this glimmer gradually grows into a spark.  As I held him and he was latched on earlier, it just felt like all was right in the world for those 2 minutes.

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