Thursday, 13 January 2011

Fromage Frais and yoghurt

Well my son has currently got his first dose of man flu according to his Dad.  Seriously he has a really sore throat which is making him very grumpy and reluctant to breastfeed.  I'm frantically trying to hand express to maintain my supply but in the meantime he's eating a lot of yoghurt (as well as other foods) in the hope it will keep his calories and calcium up.  Sadly I've also bought some formula for this evening in case I can't express enough.
Call me cruel but I have never given my child commercial fromage frais or flavoured yoghurt.  I suppose I took the guidance to heart and having read on the packets that it contains sugar, I was determined not to give them until he was one.
There is a reasonably quick alternative though.  If you make your own fruit purees you can easily mix them with full fat yoghurt (for flavoured yoghurt) or cream cheese (for fromage frais).

Some popular purees with my son are:
  • Apricot and apple (simmer dried chopped apricots in water for 5 mins then add diced peeled apple and cook until soft, puree)
  • Plum
  • Pear
  • Mashed banana (raw not cooked)
  • Raspberry (sieved) and apple
  • Mango
If the fruit is a bit sour (often a problem at this time of year) use apple juice instead of the water but make sure the fruit is pretty dry before pureeing otherwise it can be a bit too runny otherwise (apart from the one containing dried apricots).  You can use frozen fruits as well and all of the purees apart from banana can be frozen.  I reheat in the microwave until boiling then allow to cool to a safe temperature to feed my baby and mix in a little yoghurt or cream cheese.

It is rather surprising how many foods contain sugar which are targeted at babies.  I suppose it did me no harm to be munching away on rusks at 8 months but it's not something I want to do with my little chap.

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