Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A chicken does 3 meals...

Last night we had some of the leftover chicken with a South Indian curry (inauthentic I'm sure but it was tasty).  Today, I'm maximising my efficiency by sticking the bones in the slow cooker with some water to make stock (slow cooker stock is excellent btw).  Later on I'll add veg, leftover meat and stuffing and thicken slightly to make soup and have with the bread that's currently in the breadmaker.

Even though it's the slow cooker and breadmaker doing most of the work for me, there's something incredibly rewarding about making your own soup and bread.  Seeing as the free range chicken cost me £4 (gotta love that reduced shelf) to have 3 good meals out of it for two people is brilliant.  If we weren't such greedy people I'm sure we could have had more.

I'm not going to get all evangelist about free range.  Frankly I would love to afford it all the time but I can't not on £123 a week but irrespective of how the chicken was raised (or any other meat for that matter) it is respectful (and important financially and environmentally) to use it as much as you can, get as many meals as you can and not waste it

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