Friday, 21 January 2011


We've had a fraught relationship, us, our little one and his sleep.  He regularly wakes for one breastfeed a night nowadays and we're gradually trying to get him down to one.  We were going to leave it longer but we had three nights in a row where he seemed to be waking later and later for that feed so we decided that if he woke earlier, we'd push him back still.

Last night of course was the first night we decided to do this and he woke an hour earlier than he had in three days.  Disappointing.

What's more frustrating though is the well meaning relatives who tell you that he doesn't need feeding at night after 6 months old (he's 8 months now) and shouldn't I have him on a bottle by now anyway?


Anyway, he's currently napping after having lamb tagine with cous cous for lunch (no chilli, don't worry).  Sorry, I can't remember the recipe (it was a frozen portion) but I know I adapted it from an adult one.  Dried apricots, cinnamon, garlic and sweet potatoes were involved somewhere.  It seemed to go down better than I remember it the first time we made it.  Cous cous is something I will have to revisit I think...

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