Friday, 14 January 2011

Major Nursing Strike Continues...

We'd never had a nursing strike until starting this blog.  I hope the two aren't connected.  Anyway after the small strike of a few days ago, it got serious and my son is still unwell and refusing to feed during the day apart from on solids (it's the 3rd day of this serious strike now).  3 days ago he would take the occasional 1 min feed, yesterday he was taking a small amount of formula from a cup, today nothing.  He's still eating solids (which I'm sneaking more liquid into) and having a small amount of water but only with meals now.

I went to the Doctor again and of course he does what he always does; spends an hour being grizzly with me and then smiles at the GP (although at least he didn't put his hand on the female GP's chest like he did last time. 8 months old is the only time you can get away with that Mr!)  Anyway, diagnosis is the same *just* a cold, no signs of bacterial infection, just wait and he'll get better.  Give him Calpol and Calprofen if he needs it etc...  All of that doesn't really help when you have a baby screaming at you again as soon as you get home.

It's not his first cold either and he's never been this bad.

I had heard about nursing strikes before but just in a detached unemotional way.  Being in one, (he's only now breastfeeding twice during the night) it's very different.  You've made that decision when he's born to breastfeed because it's best for him.  You've survived the growth spurts then suddenly you're rejected and what's worse breastfeeding seems to be causing pain.  It was never meant to be like this.  Your baby wasn't meant to get ill because of this fantastic thing you're doing.  You've had moments where you've hated being so tied to your baby but secretly you like being the only person who can do this for him, then it's all taken away.

The most painful thing was around an hour ago, he was screaming at me because he was hungry.  I offered the breast; refused.  He refused water and formula from a cup.  Eventually he had a small amount of plain yoghurt to keep him going till lunch.

Thanks though to the NCT breastfeeding phoneline (0300 3300770 open 8am - 10pm) though, I am feeling more positive.  I didn't catch the lady's name but she's given me some confidence that this is only temporary.  I hope it is, I really do.  I don't want our breastfeeding journey to finish this way.

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