Sunday, 27 April 2014

Living below the line

Unfortunately due to personal circumstances (moving house for the 2nd time in 2 weeks) I won't get to take part in the 'live below the line' challenge this year but I thought I would tell you about it and tell you why it deserves your attention.

1.2 billion people live in extreme poverty in the world.  1.2 BILLION that's over 15% of the world population.  The live below the line challenge is to try and experience, and raise money for people who live in extreme poverty by only spending £1 a day on food and drink.

I appreciate that living in a comfortable home with access to equipment and ingredients is very different to not knowing where your next meal will come from but it is a step, it's an idea and an interesting one.

Why £1 a day?  In 2005 the world bank calculated that the extreme poverty line was $1.25 a day, that is, you would be considered to be in extreme poverty if you had the equivalent of $1.25 and what $1.25 can buy in the US.  With inflation this has now been raised to $1.50 which with some generous rounding gets to £1.

The 5 days of the challenge run from 28th April - 2nd May inclusive.  There are various ways to sign up if you want to get involved.

Certainly it's something I'm very much behind and would like to do next year.  Please comment and include a link to sponsorship sites if you are doing the challenge.  I'll allow links to posts or to fundraising pages for living below the line for this post!  If you don't know how to put a link in, add the URL and I'll comment and add in the link.

Good luck everyone taking part!

(I have not been requested or sponsored to write this post.)


  1. I have always wanted to give this a go, but because I always have a stash of food in my freezer I feel like I would never be able to "properly" do it if that makes sense. Its definitely something I have bookmarked for the future though!

    1. I know what you mean. This would be difficult to ensure you weren't cheating!


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