Monday, 19 March 2012

Fajitas for Toddlers

This is really simple.  Most of what I'm suggesting here is available to buy pre-prepared.  You can even buy fajita kits in UK supermarkets, however, you might be wary about the level of salt and sugar in the spice mix and depending on your child's tolerance to chilli, you might want to calm down the heat a little.

Well this is a sneaky tip to get the flavour of fajitas without so much of the chilli and without added sugar and salt.

Fajitas for Toddlers - 1 Fajita served my toddler


Chicken breast, I used approx one third of a breast sliced into thin slices
1/4 tsp Mild, sweet, smoked paprika
1/3 Red pepper, thinly sliced (capsicum)
1 Tortilla
2 tsp Salsa (choose a heat level appropriate to your child, I always find "hot" salsa isn't all that hot so that's what my son has)
1 tbsp Grated Mature Cheddar
A few coriander leaves (cilantro)


Fry the chicken breast in some spray oil or a little vegetable oil.  Add in the paprika and cook until nearly cooked through (this shouldn't take very long if the chicken is cut up thinly), add in the pepper (capsicum) and cook until the chicken is cooked through but the pepper retains some crunch.

Warm the tortilla in a microwave or a frying pan following pack instructions.  Layer up the salsa, filling, cheese and coriander in the wrap, then roll up to serve.

I don't think I rolled this tight enough, I couldn't convince him to eat it as was and he ended up unrolling and eating but he still enjoyed.  As my toddler gets older though, I'm looking forward to him making up his own tortillas, I think that 'play' with giving children a choice in his food is good for their interest and enthusiasm.  Also you could make the same for the whole family but just have some pickled jalapenos to up the heat for those who like it spicy.


  1. My children have been eating these since they were toddlers and still request them today. A foolproof recipe and one that they always enjoy. Lovely photographs by the way.

    1. Thank you. I think things have improved since my mobile phone snap days!!!

  2. Oh I'm looking forward to making this for my BLW baby. I'm so unimaginative when it comes to cooking but because I'm aware that she needs variety, I'm trying to change. This will be a good one to add to the old repertoire.

    1. I know what you mean about variety. Having this blog forces me to mix it up a bit which is helpful, it's easy to get stuck in a rut.


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