Friday, 5 August 2011

Salmon Pasta Salad

I guess this is for grown ups but there is really no reason why toddlers can't have it or younger if they're ok with tangy flavours.

We spend so long thinking about what our children eat and forgetting about ourselves but healthy eating habits aren't just caused by giving children healthy foods, they see and want what we have.  I find it hardest to eat healthily at work but it's of benefit nutritionally and financially to really plan lunchtime.  How great is it to have a delicious lunch ready for you?

Something Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall has done in the past is try to encourage people to use leftovers to make interesting lunches.  In that spirit, this is a follow on recipe from yesterday using the leftover salmon and some additional pasta and broccoli.

Salmon Pasta Salad


40g Pasta (uncooked weight), cooked and allowed to cool
50g Broccoli, cooked and allowed to cool and cut into small pieces
Approx 40g Salmon, cooked and allowed to cool and flaked
Two tomatoes, cut into a small dice
2 inches cucumber, cut into a small dice
1 rounded dsp mayonnaise
1 rounded dsp yoghurt
Seasoning to taste


Mix all of the above ingredients, put into a box and chill until ready to eat!  You could add other ingredients as you like, e.g. olives, mustard, capers etc.

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