Sunday, 14 August 2011

Blackberry Fool for Toddlers

It seems that every year the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness gets earlier.  Nothing says 'autumn' to me like wild blackberries (brambles).  It is the novice forager's joy.  What I didn't know until very recently is that there are lots of varieties of wild bramble, obvious really I suppose considering you can still find the fruits in October.

So, inspired by wild blackberries outside our window, this weekend I made some blackberry fool.  It was improvised from the ingredients of our fridge but I guess the acidity of the blackberries helped set the fool overnight a bit like a syllabub.  It was certainly a big hit with the pumpkin.

Blackberry Yoghurt Fool - 1 serving for a toddler (can feed to younger babies if you are choosing to give sugar.)


A handful (approx 8-10) wild blackberries
1 tsp sugar
A glug of double cream (enough to make 1 dsp whipped cream)
1 dsp full fat greek yoghurt


Microwave the blackberries with the sugar for a few seconds until bubbling and releasing their juice.  Swish them and then separate off the juice (I just poured off the juice and kept the solids back with a fork but you could sieve them.)

Whip up the cream (due to having no whisk I had to use a fork.  What we do for love eh?)  Mix the juice with the yoghurt then mix in a dsp of whipped cream.  Chill and serve.

I should add, the reason we had blackberries outside our window is because we were away for the weekend.  We ended up coming home early though because pumpkin is teething and has decided that every naptime and bedtime should be accompanied with screaming.  Not good.  Anyway, we're trying to rule out the travel cot being too small for him and realised this was not a relaxing holiday.

My husband said while we were away "why can't we have flexible lives like other people can who take their kids anywhere?"  Personally, I think there might be a bit of smug mummy syndrome in all that, it's not deliberate, it's just that most mummies tell you all about their successes not their failures.

Anyway, sounds like the pumpkin is in need of a cuddle...

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