Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tomato and Brie Tart

Apologies for the lack of photography, my husband has taken his camera away from me.  Boo hiss.

Anyway, my son has gone from feeling off his food to eating everything you put in front of him so I felt it was time to be a bit more adventurous.  

Note that although I've said this isn't a baby recipe, it's for toddlers and older only, that's because of salt not because of the brie.  There is a risk giving mould ripened cheeses to babies that they could contract Listeria and babies are far more prone to getting complications from food bugs.  Listeria though is pretty easily killed off by cooking, especially something like this which is thin and so will reach a high temperature throughout pretty quickly.  So on whether to serve it to babies; it's up to you.  I've not worked it out but I suspect the pastry and cheese add a significant amount of salt so just be wary of that.

If you use the ready to roll pastry, this is something you could knock up very quickly.

Tomato and Brie Tart - for Adults and Toddlers, possibly too much salt for babies; enough to feed one adult and one child.


Piece of puff pasty approx 5 inches by 12 inches from a ready rolled block or rolled out (or your home made pastry.  Really?  Does anyone with a child have time to do this?)
3 tomatoes (or more if they're small / cherry type), sliced thickly
100g Brie cut into small slices / chunks
A little milk for brushing the edge


Preheat your oven to 200oC.

Lay out the pastry; conveniently I've found the ready rolled is often interleaved with greaseproof paper so if you get a really sharp knife you can cut through the pastry and the paper and bake it on that!  Genius lazy work!

Score (ie don't cut all the way through) all the way around so there's a 1cm - 1.5cm edge of pastry.  Lay the slices of tomato on top and follow with the brie staying within your scored line.  Brush the edge of the pastry with milk and bake for approx 15-18 mins until the cheese is melting and brown and the pastry is browned.

Leave to cool for a bit before serving, best served warm rather than hot.

My son did pick off and eat the tomatoes (he's not normally bothered about fresh tomatoes so that was a revelation) and the brie then he worked onto the flaky pieces of pastry at the edge but most of the softer pastry underneath went on the floor.  So mostly a success and I thought it was very tasty.

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