Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My poorly wee fella

So it's happened.  The first time.  That call from the nursery saying "we're sorry to bother you but..."

My little pumpkin has conjunctivitis.  He's had a few days of it, bless him.  Friday night he came home from nursery all smiles; within an hour we had projectile vomiting (a viral stomach bug) and now he has conjunctivitis. Of course I'm beating myself up about it now because I gave up breastfeeding nearly a month ago and now I'm thinking "well if I continued, perhaps he'd not be coming down with everything."  I suppose two illnesses in four days isn't 'everything' but it is a lot.  The other frustrating thing is I'm down to the tiniest drops of breastmilk left now if I expressed and I used to use breastmilk to treat sticky eyes when he was a little baby.  It works really well, must be the antibodies.  Magic stuff boobie milk.

It makes my current struggle with his early wakings seem like piffle though.  I mean my son is ill, he can wake up when he damn well wants!

Anyway, I have an enforced day away from work which is ironic because I got called in on Sunday night for an emergency.  I was on site for three and a half hours and thought at the time, "Ah well, it's annoying but at least I'll build up some goodwill for when I inevitably get *that* call".

So what to feed the grumpy little fella?  He's not quite recovered from Friday's vomitus maximus yet and has been a bit off his food but today I think I will try him on some curry for lunch and some spinach pasta for tea with some date cake or maybe some pannacotta for pudding.  Yes, I know that sounds like a rich mix of flavours but my son is never one for shying away unless he's really ill (on Saturday pretty much all he'd eat was plain Greek yoghurt.)  We might pop out to our local Aldi and get some interesting fruit too.

Any suggestions for cheering up a little man with sticky eyes?

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