Monday, 18 July 2011

Fishcakes without Potato!

I came up with this recipe when wanting to make some fishcakes but not having the time to wait for potatoes to cook, cool etc.  Not quite as popular as the potato based ones but I think I liked them more so it might be a recipe I adapt for adults and make more when he's a little older and has some teeth for chewing.

Fishcakes (made with Salmon and breadcrumbs, no potato) - serves 1-2 depending on appetite.  Ok for baby led weaners but a bit crunchy so probably 10 months plus.


100g Salmon Fillet
1 slice (approx 30g) bread whizzed into breadcrumbs
1 egg
Herbs of your choice (I used parsley and garlic chives)


Cook the salmon, I used frozen salmon which can be microwaved which makes it a piece of (fish)cake.  Allow to cool a little, then flake it and mix with the breadcrumbs and herbs.  Add the egg and form into loose patties.

Fry for about 3 mins each side or until thoroughly cooked.

As I said, they were nice but probably on the crunchy side for my little fella.  Maybe I'll try baking them next time or waiting till he has molars.

If you fancy some fishcakes with potato, give my salmon and spinach fishcakes a try.

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