Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sausage Squishes for Babies and Toddlers

Hey you, kid who doesn't eat vegetables?  Yes, you!  You know who you are!

We all feel like that sometimes and I swear if you ask any Mum what an acceptable level of vegetables are and contrast it with your average child... I mean, I hate to generalise but "pork" is not a type of vegetable and "sausage" is not a food group!

I jest I jest.  I know not all kids are the same but we all need those recipes where you can squeeze in a bit of hidden vegetable goodness, just once in a while as an insurance policy.

These are kind of burgers, kind of patties or let's just face it "squishes".  Great finger food.

Sausage Squishes - Serves 1 adult and 1 toddler


150g, 5oz Sausagemeat
50g, a scant 2 oz Mushroom
60g, 2oz Courgette (Zucchini)


Grate the mushroom and courgette (zucchini) on a microplane style grater (not sure a box grater would work with mushroom) watch out for the fingers!

Either use fresh loose sausagemeat or squish the sausagemeat out of the skins of some sausages or chipolatas.  I always believe in getting decent sausages as they have better meat content and flavour and no sausage is really expensive.  Smoosh the sausagemeat and grated vegetables together.  Form into 4 patties with your hands and put on a baking paper lined baking sheet.

Chill until ready to cook, this helps them firm up.

Preheat an oven to 200oC / 400F and cook for about 15 minutes or until fully cooked through and starting to brown.

Serve with some ketchup (aka "Tommy-K" in our household) and vegetables and ta-dah!  Instant happy child and even if most of the vegetables get shunned they are sneakily eating some more veg without even knowing...


  1. That sounds lovely. I do something similar but with chicken breasts from scratch and try to "squish" as many vegetables as possible into it.

    1. Ooh cool!

      As it happens, I set this to autopost because I was away in Seville eating Tapas all week :-)))

      I need to cook more tapas for my son. :-D


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