Monday, 16 May 2011

Yoghurt Panna Cotta - ok for babies (if allowing a small amount of sugar)

I must apologise for the lack of posts, this week and weekend was a busy one.  

Anyway, my son is gradually cutting back on the breastfeeds.  We did drop the morning one only to reinstate it due to teething.  Still, it won't be long all working well and I do worry about the lack of dairy in his diet sometimes.  He's no longer a fan of yoghurt.  It used to be that he'd happily eat plain yoghurt or one of my flavoured varieties but no longer.  He doesn't like the commercial ones (I did try) and so I'm a bit stuck on the dairy front.  

However much he loves the cream cheese pasta, it does get a bit dull.  So, in a moment of inspiration thinking "he loves his fruit juice jelly", I decided to try panna cotta (or pannacotta, not sure and no-one seems to agree).  The original recipe has sugar, cream and a vanilla pod in it so I've changed it to make it more baby friendly and cheaper.  It does still contain sugar, albeit a small amount so if you're going strictly sugar free, you won't want to make this as completely sugar free is unlikely to be pleasant.  That said though, there will be less sugar in this than a commercial yoghurt and if you want for babies older than 1 year you could try honey as a substitute.

Yoghurt Panna Cotta - makes 2 - big enough for a growing 1 year old or small adult portions.  Would be ok for babies 6 months plus if you're allowing sugar in their diet, otherwise wait for 1 year plus.


90 ml full fat milk
2 tsp granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 leaf of gelatine
125g full fat greek yoghurt


Soak the gelatine in cold water until floppy.  In the meantime heat the milk, vanilla extract and sugar in the microwave until boiling.  Whisk to make sure the sugar is dissolved.  Squeeze the gelatine then add that in, whisking thoroughly to ensure fully dissolved.  Whisk in the yogurt.

Pour into two pots or moulds and refrigerate for a about three hours.  Use within approx 2 days (if you don't intend to eat the same day, it would be a good idea to make with a freshly opened bottle of milk with a good date on it, ditto with the yoghurt).

If desired serve with a the fruit purees from your freezer that your baby will no longer eat...

This wasn't a firm set but had some softness to it and a wobble so if you want to turn it out, leave it for longer; 5 hours plus.  Certainly a hit with my little man and the most dairy that's gone into him for some time.

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