Thursday, 19 May 2011

Quesadillas - ok for adults, 12 months plus or baby led weaners

Seeing as my little son has decided sandwiches are so last month, my new idea for quick lunch finger food is quesadillas.  Traditionally these are a mexican snack of a tortilla filled with cheese and other ingredients so you don't have to stick to my suggestions but cheese is essential.  You can make one by using a folded tortilla but I always need to eat healthier than I do and despite the cheese this at least does contain some vegetables.

It seemed to go down fairly well.  Quite a bit made it into his mouth before he discovered the joy of throwing it all on the floor again (any suggestions people?)  Also as I was eating exactly the same food when he looked at my lunch and pointed, I could give him some of mine.  I'm sure he ate more as a result.

Quesadillas - Makes enough for an adult and a child.  Ok for 12 months plus, probably ok for 9 month plus baby led weaners (just be careful to chop ingredients finely, watch them closely and keep an eye on salt levels).


2 Flour Tortillas
Handful of grated extra mature cheddar
1/3 tin of red kidney or pinto beans, crushed with a fork (preferably choose beans tinned without salt and sugar)
A small handful of fresh coriander
A large tomato, chopped finely


Spread the crushed beans onto a tortilla, top with the tomato and the coriander then sprinkle over the cheese.  Top with the other tortilla and fry in a frying pan over a medium heat for a couple of minutes until starting to brown on the bottom.  Flip over (it might be easier to slide it onto a plate then flip) and cook on the other side until browned and the cheese is melted.

Cut into wedges, check the temperature before feeding to your baby.  Adults can enjoy this with some salsa if they like.

This has been linked up to a Mexican Food Linky here!

Alternative filling suggestions (always include cheese):

Grilled peppers
Finely shredded meat (or try some of my baby chilli reheated before cooking)
Finely chopped spring onions
Avocado (mashed)


  1. Thanks for linking up with Food on Friday. Had a bit of a giggle at "weaner" - that's what we call young calves here! Cheers

    1. Well I guess it's for the same reasons!!!


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