Saturday, 7 May 2011

Restaurants and No Added Sugar Sweet Potato and Sultana Muffins

I understand the world is not as excited about my son as I am, I really do.  I was never a 'baby person' before I had a child but for the second time in recent weeks I had lunch out and felt a 'frosty' atmosphere from a member of staff.

The reason is that my son drops a lot of stuff.  He can feed himself with his hands now but you know what restaurant high chairs are like, they never have a tray (and if they do, it's rarely one you'd want anyone to eat off) so there's nothing for him to rest the food on and so he drops it, then thinks "this is fun..."  So I was moving the food out of the main walkways so it didn't cause an accident as carefully and discretely as I could but it seemed to be as soon as we started trying to feed our son, all the waiting staff in the restaurant seemed to want to hover in the general area.

I was so frustrated.  The restaurant had chosen to place us where they did and they can't expect a baby to eat neatly surely?  There were plenty of other tables in quieter areas.  I have no idea why they sat us where they did.

So by the time our food arrived, our son started to calm down but I was on edge and didn't really enjoy it.  It was so annoying.  

I can understand it's annoying and potentially a health and safety hazard for the waiting staff but you don't have to make the parents feel bad and point it out.  There are discreet ways of dealing with it.  It made me want to very publicly breastfeed him instead.  I can't imagine that would have made them any happier.

Anyway, on with the recipe.  Apologies for the lack of visual delights, my camera has gone to silicon heaven, may he rest in peace.  Hopefully we will be back to normal service soon. - Yay!  Finally attached a (bad) photo!

This recipe hasn't got any bicarbonate of soda in it and I don't know if I'm particularly sensitive to the flavour but I find the ones with bicarbonate of soda have a slight salty astringency which I find unpleasant.  Certainly I'm more keen on the flavour of these but they aren't the most beautiful looking; the lack of sugar makes them a little pale but the flavour is good.

No Added Sugar Sweet Potato and Sultana Mini Muffins (made approx 10-12)


100g Sweet Potato, grated
2 eggs
4 tbsp milk
100g sultanas
2 tbsp vegetable oil
150g SR flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp vanilla extract


Preheat the oven to 200 - 220 degrees centigrade.

Mix the egg, sweet potato, sultanas, milk and oil.  Put the flour and spices in a bowl then add the wet mixture mixing (don't overmix).  Put a generous dsp into cupcake cases and bake for 15-17 minutes or until cooked (check to see if they spring back when pressed on the top.)

(Freeze well.)

Quick tip; the flavour is better and they taste sweeter somehow if you grate the potato finely.  I have a medium 'microplane style' grater which I use but I found if I used a coarser one, although they were still nice they weren't as good.


  1. made these for the kid's tea tonight - they both (3yrs & 9months) absolutely loved them, will definately be making them again!

    1. Cool, I'm so glad they liked! Try the apple ones too!


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