Sunday, 5 August 2012

Stuffed Naans

A great use of extra chicken tikka or tandoori chicken and making it into a lovely lunchbox dish.  Regular readers will know that money is a bit short through one thing and another (but who's not in the same boat?)  Making the most of your leftovers is a great way to ensure you're not wasting food but you're also saving money.  Take a look at this and tell me whether that £2 petrol station cheese sandwich is looking as appealing?

I have to thank a very good friend of mine for giving me this idea and a tonne of other inspiration for this blog and life in general.

It's almost too simple to call a recipe but I will fill you in later on different ways you could mix this up.  I know if I have the same thing day in, day out, I am less interested by it and it doesn't seem to taste as good.  Of course we all have hits and misses but why not mix up what you, your child or your partner has in their packed lunch?

Stuffed Naans - Serves 1 adult or 2 children (depending on age and appetite)


1 Naan bread (or you could use pitta bread or wraps)
2 tsp Mango chutney or 2 tsp Mint raita
Salad of your choice, I chose little gem lettuce and peppers
Leftover Tandoori Chicken cut off the bone or Chicken Tikka


If your naan bread is fresh, then use it as it is, if it's one of those long life packed ones where you are told to reheat it before serving, still do this.  Bread products can last a long time without going mouldy due to the way it's packed and sometimes added preservatives but bread still goes stale so you need to go through the heating process to remelt the starch, even if you are eating it cold.

Science bit over!  Leave the naan bread to cool then cut in half and slice along the centre to make a pocket (or if you prefer you could put the filling over the surface of the bread and fold or roll it.)

Put a tsp of chutney or raita in each half, spread around, then add the rest of your fillings.  Wrap up and send off with your child / partner / yourself for lunch!  (Slightly poncy greaseproof / string wrapping is optional!) Delicious.

Alternative fillings:

Grilled chicken and hummus
Prawns with sweet chilli sauce and peppers
Tzatziki and grilled pork or chicken
Some leftover vietnamese chicken salad
Cooked salmon and mayonnaise


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    1. Thank you! I got a bit poncy with the string and everything...

  2. Replies
    1. Definitely. My mum used to make such interesting lunches in comparison with my friends. It was fun to unwrap things. I like to do the same thing for my family now.


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