Saturday, 25 February 2012

My blog 'award'

Well award is probably overstating things if I'm totally honest.  This is just a lovely personal referral from other small bloggers out there to point you in the direction of things you might like.  My referral came from Overflowing Laundry Basket.  Thank you!

Apparently I'm meant to post some kind of badge to say this is a Liebster blog award but in my ineptitude I couldn't find the code!  Anyway, this is all about the spirit of loving and sharing so the point is what should you visit?

So, here are a few other blogs you might be interested in.

Bessies Veggie Food is someone I often have a look at.  She's very generous with sharing links to my blog which I really appreciate but also she performs a really valuable service at testing out other people's recipes.

The undercover granny offers some interesting views on life.  This post was very interesting, I found it funny but it caused some controversy!

The highly unlikely housewife offers some interesting posts, particularly her recent post on post natal depression.

Fun as a Gran gave me some huge help recently understanding more about food allergies so I could train people in my workplace.  This is a really interesting post if you have kids with allergies.

Holly Bobbs also offers some insights as a stay at home mum used to being a career lady.

(There are meant to be some kind of rules about  how they should link back to my blog and carry it on.  Yeah, if you want to do that I would be very happy and I'd love it if the love was shared but don't feel obliged.)

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