Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Quick Mulled Wine (adults only of course!)

This is a quick, one person cup of mulled wine.  The evenings are drawing in and it always seems to me that there is one person who doesn't like mulled wine too much (or insist it's a drink for Christmas only and it's only allowed in December) so this is a quick recipe without feeling like you need to make a full bottle worth.

Mulled Wine - makes 1 cup


1 cup (whatever size you want) of red wine, something fruity and not too expensive
2 tsp Light muscovado or other brown sugar
Generous pinch of ground mixed spice (apple pie or pumpkin pie spice)
A shake of ground cinnamon
A clementine studded with 6 cloves
Slices of clementine to serve (optional)


Put all of the ingredients into a saucepan apart from the sliced clementine and heat until the sugar is dissolved and the wine starting to bubble.  (Don't worry if the studded clementine isn't submerged.)

Remove the studded clementine and serve in a cup or heatproof glass with a slice of clementine if wanted (it is there, it just sank!)

Enjoy and feel warmed up!

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