Thursday, 26 July 2012

Red, White and Blue Pancakes for the Whole Family

Some eggs in the fridge, 15 mins or so on my hands, not feeling like toast or cereal...

So I made these.  They worked a treat on my normally reluctant blueberry eater.  He ate two with no problems and did pretty well eating the fruit (which I thought might all get picked out.)

Strawberry and Blueberry Pancakes for the whole family - easily served two adults and a toddler


175g, 6oz Self Raising Flour
2 eggs
200ml Milk
75g, 3oz Blueberries
75g, 3oz Strawberries, hulled and cut into small pieces
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
Butter for frying

Honey and butter to serve (optional)


Crack the eggs into the milk with the vanilla then using an electric whisk, whisk the liquid into the flour.  Fold in the berries.

Rub some butter over the pan like this or brush melted butter into the frying pan using a heat resistant pastry brush.  Using a large spoon or ladle, spoon some batter making sure you include some fruit into the pan.  Turn over when bubbles start to appear on the surface (you will need to keep the heat on a moderate to moderate - low level to make sure this is when the underside is browned and not burned.  A bit of trial and error normally sorts it out.)

Cook on the second side until browned and cooked through.  The berries may stand a bit proud on that second side but they're no worse off for it.

Serve as they are (great for toddlers or babies) or if you're feeling indulgent with a tsp of honey (over 1 year olds only) and maybe a small knob of butter if you're feeling particularly naughty!

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  1. Is this two pancakes on the plate? It kinda looks like a stuffed pancake but after reading the post I can tell it's not stuffed. :)
    ...and thanks for linking up to Food Photo Linky!

    1. It's actually three and now I'm realising I need to take more care in placement! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Mmm I love me some blueberry pancakes! Thanks for sharing! I'm officially your newest follower. Yay for being blog friends! :)


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