Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bircher Muesli for Babies

Ok, the first recipe in this was directly from the Good Food website so I will post a link; Bircher Muesli Recipe there you are!  I did find the recipe a bit on the small side and also I'd been eating something very similar for years without realising it was kind of a 'dish' so here are some variations too.

Bircher Muesli - suitable for babies or toddlers (from when they're able to cope with lumps)


Third of a large apple, grated (skin and all)
1 and a half dsp oats
1 and a half dsp full fat greek yoghurt
Small handful of blueberries


Mix!  Ha!  Seriously!  It benefits from a minute or two resting before serving.

It's good for my son as well because at 15 months he's now getting pretty good with a spoon but struggles to get things to stay on it between bowl and mouth but this mix, especially with the yoghurt was nice and sticky.

Variations; you can substitute the blueberries for raspberries, strawberries or sultanas.  You can also substitute the yoghurt for lower fat versions or milk.  This is my version (for Mummies so less high calorie) with the rest of the apple, about 3dsp oats, a big handful of sultanas and skimmed milk.  Surprisingly tasty.

Sad thing is though since my husband also had some (except he had apple, oats, yoghurt, raspberries, blueberries and sultanas) we are now out of apples in the garden for another year.  Boo hiss!  Still, at least it was 4 of his 5 a day in one dish!  Can't be bad!

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