Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Blogging awards - what's the point?

Well the MAD blog awards are open for nominations again.  I read someone on twitter last night complaining about the people asking for nominations.  Is that fair?  Does it annoy you?

Why do us bloggers do it?  Well I can only answer for me and in my case, Mamacook isn't a business, it's just what I'm passionate about.  It will make very little difference to my life if I do or don't make it to the final apart from a little bit of recognition.

I have no idea how many hours I have spent on my blog but I have written 518 posts.  518!  At a conservative estimate, each might take around an hour to make and write up, many far longer.  Then all those nights lying in bed thinking of ideas... Even if it is only an hour a recipe, that's still over 21 days of my life, solid, I've spent on Mamacook without earning a penny.  I must be mad!  :-)

That all said, I'm proud of my blog, proud of how far it's come.  Here was my first photograph:

And this was my latest... An improvement I think you'll agree!

I now have nearly 50,000 page views a month and it's growing all the time.  It might have taken 21 days but it would be lovely just to get a nice night out, meet some of the people I've had chats with online and a glass of fizz.  That would make my year, no, my life.  So that's why.  No other reason that because it would make me happy.

If you'd like to nominate for the MAD blog awards, the link is here, I'd love to be considered for "best food blog".

My blog URL is:

I can't promise I won't be back to beg for nominations when the Britmums process starts too but I do promise to be back to the recipes tomorrow!


  1. You'll be getting my nomination for both awards, for sure. Brilliant site.

  2. You've got my vote for best food blog x good luck!

  3. Thanks for writing a piece about the awards and good luck with your blog.
    MADs Editor


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