Monday, 27 June 2011

Too Hot!

My son has been off his food a bit recently.  I was wondering if it was the heat.  For some reason despite it being around 30 degrees outside and full on humid, I decided to do cooking today.  WTF?!  For all that, we seem to have had a better eating day today than recently.  I made him quesadillas adding some baby chilli and cheese as filling.  It worked a treat:

Anyway, my son and I are now sweating buckets after having his tea (see the salmon fishcake recipe.  He had them with some sweet potato wedges and ate loads).   So my theory about him not eating because of the heat has gone out of the window as I made it hotter and he still ate way more.  Maybe the ice cubes in his sippy cups were helping!

Now I just have to work out how to stop him waking somewhere between 4am and 5am.  I'm a living zombie...

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