Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Frugal Cooking - have you checked your cupboards or freezer lately?

We were away for a holiday recently and then the weekend after we were with my husband's parents so it all means we're very low on food in the house.  I hate shopping with my son nowadays.  It's not because he behaves badly, it's just because I can't concentrate and end up missing half of the things from my list.  Don't get me started on internet shopping either.  I tried it for a while and it was ok but the amount of times things arrived which were wrong, damaged, defrosted or just poor quality, it wasn't worth it.

So anyway, on Monday I decided to do a 10 minute shop at Aldi and to make it last the week.  I mean a 10 minute shop as well, just the perishables; milk, bread, fruit, yoghurt, chorizo etc.

So, what's the plan?  I had a think and a look in my cupboards and realised I had the makings of several meals despite feeling like a food shop was imminent!  So this is / was the plan for this week:

Monday - Sausages (from freezer) and vegetables
Tuesday - Vegetable pasta bake using my tomato sauce recipe (a frozen batch)
Wednesday - Thai pork and vegetable stir fry using the Maesri paste I talked about here
Thursday - Chorizo rice
Friday - Vegetable lasagne
Saturday - lentil and chorizo soup with homemade bread

I also managed to rustle up several lunches, packed lunches and meals from my son including pannacotta and salmon with herb butter (not as mushed up now he's older).  This has got me thinking.  I spent £13 at Aldi this week and have enough meals planned to ensure we will not be hungry nor feel underfed until Saturday!  I know I didn't buy nappies, wipes etc but it must be possible to cut down my food spending from the normal £70-£90 a week!  Perhaps my task this week is to keep the spend to under £70 with all of the nappies and cupboard restocking.  Let's see how I go.

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