Thursday, 3 April 2014

7 a day challenge: Day 2

Day 2 of trying to eat 7 a day.

After the widespread media reports that 7 a day or more are much better than 5, I challenged myself to eat 7 or more a day for 7 days to see how hard it is for someone who already eats reasonably healthily.  The challenge continues...


I had some maple / pecan crisp today with a grated apple in it.  A bit boring I know and I have to admit I was a bit bored by it.  It made me wonder if the cereal packets showing the cereal lovingly scattered with berries were just a sign of the deep unhealthiness of the cereal.


As I said yesterday, I need to get more prepared but today I managed to make in about 10 minutes some gazpacho, the galia melon I prepared yesterday, some watermelon and a satsuma.  All in all, 5 of my 7 a day for lunch.  It did make me realise that even if you've had the most poor diet for breakfast it is still possible to squeeze all 7 in.  I'd have no hope with my work canteen.  Last time I went the only vegetable on offer was baked beans.

The great thing is I made two portions of gazpacho so tomorrow is sorted.

I have to admit to a weak moment though and despite not being hungry I went and bought some apple crumble from the canteen.  I just needed some stodge after all that health!


Things are busy busy busy and I want to do an exercise video so I have to admit I'm planning a preprepared cheese and onion quiche for tea heating it while I am busy and serving it with peas and sweetcorn.  Not the most adventurous tea in the world but it's what I'm in the mood for.  I didn't want anything too healthy.  I realised 6 of my 7 today were raw which is great but also an issue in terms of feeling like you're being too virtuous for me (hence the crumble earlier!)  It is a good reminder though that frozen vegetables are just as good and count just as much as fresh.

How did I do?

7 a day?  8 portions, 9 varieties. Done.  I had apple, tomato, cucumber, pepper, galia melon, watermelon, satsuma, peas and sweetcorn.  (Oh and a tiny bit of onion in my preprepared quiche but I'm not convinced that counts.)

I've just noticed today was completely vegetarian.  I'm definitely eating much less meat which is probably good for my health but I have to question again that with over half a kilo of fruit and vegetables a day, it doesn't leave masses of room for much else.  Is that why it's healthy?

My son didn't do quite so well.  Although his nursery do offer lots of healthy foods, I don't think we managed 7 today, maybe nearer 5 overall.  I'm going to have to ensure he has some in his breakfast tomorrow.

For me?  I need to liven things up somehow.  Make my meals full of fruit and veg but more fun and more special otherwise this would be a pretty tough and unsustainable lifestyle change.

How am I feeling?  Pretty good.  I've been very stressed and suffering from insomnia but both have improved.  I'm not sure if the fruit and vegetables are linked but I am feeling a bit better and I am finding I'm more full at mealtimes.  I just need to liven it up!

I would be absolutely honoured if you would consider nominating me in the Britmums BIB awards, especially the food category.


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