Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Rum and Apple Bread and Butter Pudding (Just for Adults!)

I came up with this recipe when we had some staling bread.  It made me think; why don't we value bread anymore?  It used to be that every household would have a left over bread recipe.  We have bread and butter pudding, bread pudding, stuffing, rarebit, Italy has panzanella and ribollita the French have croutons and pan perdu.

We seem to have forgotten this thrift though!  Why?  Bread and butter pudding is probably more often consumed from a ready meal packet than made from scratch.  How strange a dish to use up old bread is now specifically bought in a plastic dish from a factory miles away.  Somewhat ironic!

Anyway, the point is it's easy and tasty to make yourself.  I've suggested a slightly whacky combination of dried apple and rum which might not be to your taste but if you want something more conventional, switch it for brandy and raisins.

Rum and Apple Bread and Butter Pudding - serves 2 adults


50g Dried Apple
1 tbsp Dark rum
80ml Full fat milk
2 tbsp Double cream
1 Large egg
40g Light brown sugar, I used light muscovado
a few pinches of cinnamon (see method)
1 tsp Vanilla extract
100g Staling bread
25g Approx of softened, salted butter
A couple of pinches of demerara sugar


You will need two small ramekins (not tiny ones though, you want some pudding!!!)

Put the apple in a bowl with the rum and soak for a couple of hours.

Cut the bread into small triangles or squares to fit your ramekins and butter on one side.  Lightly butter the inside of each ramekin then put a layer of bread in, butter side up, followed by one quarter of the apple, a pinch of cinnamon, then the bread, then apple and cinnamon, finishing with a layer of bread.  Repeat with the other ramekin.

Make the custard by heating the cream and milk together in a jug in the microwave for 60-90 seconds until starting to boil.  While it's heating crack the egg into another jug and whisk with the sugar and vanilla.  Allow a few seconds for the bubbling to stop then slowly whisk in the milk and cream into the egg / sugar mixture whisking all of the time until it's all added.

Pour the custard into each ramekin.  If the custard doesn't all fit in, wait a few seconds as you may find it does once some of it has been absorbed into the bread.

Leave for 30 mins for the custard to soak a bit more into the bread and preheat the oven to 180oC.  Sprinkle with demerara and bake in a bain marie (a baking dish with boiling water added) for 20 minutes at 180oC or until crusty on top and set underneath.

Serve with cream.  It's a warming cuddle of a pudding.

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