Saturday, 11 January 2014

Thrifty Sunday Lunch Options

Please excuse some of the photography on this post, some of the recipes are quite old on my blog (and I'd like to think my photography has improved) but I thought I'd run through some of the things I like to make for Sunday Lunch without breaking the bank.  Tomorrow it's going to be Game Pie but I will blog about that later.  In the meantime, here are some other delicious options without spending £20 on a joint of meat.

toad in the hole
Toad in the Hole.  Ok, it's not all that healthy but there's something about putting sausages into batter which makes it more of a "sit around the table and have a long lunch and a natter" kind of food.  That, in my view is what Sundays are all about!

pot roast

Pot roast.  I love pot roast (and I love my slow cooker).  What's even better about having a pot roast though is the leftovers made into the easiest and tastiest cottage pie in the world (in my opinion!)  Brisket is also a pretty cheap cut, much cheaper than a straight roasting joint.

A good beef stew with Yorkshires takes some beating.  Again, by using a cheaper cut of meat, you get all the flavour of beef for Sunday lunch and all of the trimmings without spending a fortune on a cut of beef.  Cheaper cuts have much more flavour and cooked gently for a long time, end up much softer too.  Great for kids who can find the texture of meat off-putting.

glazed gammon

Baked glazed gammon can be a really thrifty meal and the leftovers in sandwiches are amazing.
When I was little, my Mum always used to serve this with a cheese sauce so we didn't complain about the lack of gravy!

roast lamb shoulder

This roasted lamb shoulder always gets a huge number of hits on a Sunday.  Surprising for the terrible photography but trust me, it tastes great and it's a great way to have lamb when you have a small family.  A leg of lamb is just too big for most people nowadays.

chicken with herb butter

If you have roast chicken a lot (and why not, one chicken can do several meals), this recipe is a way to jazz it up a bit with a herb butter.

chicken tray bake

Or more thrifty and easier still, by doing a tray bake, you get all of the flavour of a roast chicken but in smaller portions and the vegetables cook at the same time.

slow roast duck

Not the thriftiest option but still cheaper than a lot of meats, keep an eye on the price of duck.  If you do get one at a decent price, slow roasting it means the skin alone is totally worth it.

the best roast potatoes ever

And last but not least, don't forget the roast potatoes!  Why do people buy frozen roast potatoes?  They are genuinely easy to make.

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