Saturday, 17 August 2013

My favourite apple recipes for kids

Apples aren't the most glamourous of fruits but they're one of the fruits we grow really well in the UK and they're great in sweet or savoury dishes.  Soon it's going to be apple season as we approach the autumn and I thought I'd share some of my favourite recipes.

My wholemeal apple pancake recipe might be appearing in a magazine soon which is kind of exciting! I will keep you posted...

With only a drizzle of honey (for over 1s) it's a great way to get fruit into breakfast time.  Bircher muesli is another great way to do this.

I think the addition of apple to coleslaw makes it way more interesting and also makes kids far more likely to enjoy it due to the natural sweetness.  A great side dish for a barbecue or baked sausages.

Or if you do have some red cabbage left, why not make this sugar free braised red cabbage sweetened with apple and dried fruit?

Mini apple pies are great for little hands and no need to add any sugar in the recipe.

These are only sweetened with fruit.  A great pudding without feeling too guilty.

My next recipe was my first attempt at a sugar free 'large' cake.  Pretty successful I thought and popular with the wee man.  As was this simple Jalousie.

Apples are one of my favourite ways to naturally sweeten without sugar.  The benefit is you also include all of the natural fibre, flavour and nutrients.  In this very old recipe for apple and sultana mini muffins, it does exactly that.  My son pretty much lived on these for a while.  

As with the coleslaw though, apples do work well with savoury and did in this duck dish.  

Duck works really well with fruit and although you don't get much meat off it, toddlers don't need huge portions so you can find enough for two adults and a child.  Another way of including apple is in these gluten free mini meatloaves.

So apples might be ever so humble and ever so British but they can also be ever so yummy.  Just keep an eye out for ones grown local to you!


  1. I do love an apple cake, so moist and rich. Apple pie is a classic though isn't it? Has to be served with ice cream...

    1. People are very picky about such things! I'm more of a cream fan.

  2. I love food with apple in it. This are great recipes...thank you so much!


  3. I love that you have chosen a mix of sweet and savoury dishes, so often apple gets labelled as a sweet fruit only and there's so much more that can be done with it!

    1. Absolutely. So often citrus fruit gets used in savoury foods for a slight 'tang' but apples can be used in the same way if you choose the right variety.

  4. These dishes look lovely, I was wondering if you’d like to enter one of these recipes into our Gourmandize Giveaway recipe competition. This month the theme is apples so it would be perfect, and there are nice prizes to win – let me know what you think:



    1. Thanks for inviting me but I'm too busy to submit all the info into the form! Sorry, things are mad crazy here!


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